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Strategic Priorities


Assets are critical to enabling low income families and community based minority organizations to build the personal and financial resources necessary to achieve and maintain self-sufficiency. Whether promoting capacity building activities, workforce development and education for organizations and faith based centers, to financial literacy and lifestyle education for families and support for aspiring small business owners, we are community to promoting opportunities for advancement in the communities we serve.

Our strategic priorities outline measures to balance the known strengths and weaknesses within communities and we work to bridge those gaps.

Strategic Priorities:

1. Economic and Workforce Development:

  • We encourage supporting the needs of employers for qualified workers and increase education and skills attainment of workers to succeed in today’s job market
  • We promote strategies that help minority job seekers with the fewest skills to access good paying jobs and career path employment.
  • We work with community partners to identify relevant education programs and target public policies that can make available a range of resources for training and skills attainment.

2. Homeownership and Small Business Development:

  • We support ownership and successful maintenance of homes and small businesses.
  • We conduct research and promote opportunities for creative financing and the development of knowledge and skills for families and small business to succeed.
  • We offer training for community organizations to help provide culturally relevant financial education within their communities that help residents transition to financially secure homeownership.
  • We provide technical assistance and training to new and existing small businesses on strategic planning and financial management.
  • We partner with community organizations to target public policies that will expand opportunities for homeownership and business start-up through innovative financing and tax incentives.

3. Financial and Health Education:

  • We assist individuals by teaching community and health educators how to customize materials and teaching methods, and identify “teachable moments” to broaden learning and expand asset building opportunities.
  • We provide financial and health education workshops that connect to real life situations.

4. Organizational Leadership and Capacity Building:

  • We assist minority organizations in developing resources for capacity building.
  • We engage enterprise foundations, and other public and private funding partners to promote sustainable development.
  • We provide technical assistance to improve grant writing skills, leadership and organizational development

5. Social Policy: In partnership with community stakeholders, we actively work to affect community reinvestment and other social policies that impact the underserved communities and individuals of Florida. Together with the target communities, we have a shared vision of asset building that is crafted along with the local, state and national policies that can move that vision to reality.  For more information, visit The RAISE Florida Network.